Richard Andrews is the President and Founder of the Foundation for Black Heritage and Culture. This unique Foundation was founded in 2012, with the purpose of the developing and executing events that support music & arts, health & wellness, financial empowerment and education of the minority population. The Foundation produces the annual Houston Black Heritage Music & Arts Festival. Richard has experienced many places, events, and festivities in his past that enchanted various cultures from all around the world. While it was exciting for him, it also inspired him to embark upon a journey to allow his culture to be expressive in an unprecedented manner to highlight, commend, and extol the contributions of African Americans to the international fabric of his city, Houston, Texas! Mr. Andrews said countless years of hard work and executing community initiatives paid off in 2015 as the Houston Black Heritage Music & Arts Festival made its debut. The 2015 Festival exceeded everyone's expectation and drew nearly 7,500 attendees. This annual festival is expected to grow into one of the largest in the Gulf Coast region.
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